We aim to develop and implement human resources systems that are development-oriented, have equal, fair practices, respect for differences and ethical values, and support high performance with our Human Resources policy.
Our basic principle is to develop and maintain a transparent and sustainable human resources approach that is open to change, uses its resources efficiently, is sensitive to occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, continuously improves its technology, is powered by the creativity of its employees.
The objective of Ulusoy Elektrik Enerji Yat. A.Ş in human resources management is to be an exemplary company in which the modern human resources management approach is adopted, everyone wants to work and is proud to work in the sector in which we operate. Our strategy of achieving the target is to carry out modern human resources programs based on success in cooperation with all units of the company.
Ulusoy Elektrik Enerji Yat. A.Ş also provides a creative, dynamic, knowledgeable and motivated team for career development needs. It provides different training opportunities in line with the personal development, requirements that arise over time and the company's goals and strategies, and offers trainings in order to develop its technical, professional and personal skills.