With the basic principle of "We must return the things we have taken from this country " Social Responsibility, we continue to add value to our country with its valuable corporate social responsibility project.

We are trying to set an example for the society with the education programs we have developed in the field of protection of human rights and environment, education, health and technology, and our sensitivity on gender equality.

Institutions donated to the Ministry of National Education;

2007 Ankara Batıkent Sait Ulusoy Special Education Application Center.
2013 Ankara Çayyolu Akgül Ulusoy Primary School.
2014 Ankara Çayyolu Akgül Ulusoy Nursery School.

40 undergraduate students are are given scholarship annually through the Sait Ulusoy Health Education and Technology Foundation (SUSEV), established in 2015 and continuing its activities.
Donations of machinery, equipment and test equipment are made to the Electrical Departments of art schools and universities.